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We Believe that every person should have access to the Good News!

Born out of this conviction, the EN42 Advocate program exists to mobilize a movement of followers of Christ who are committed to making sure unreached peoples have access to the Gospel.

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 Over two thousand years have passed since Jesus commissioned His disciples to make disciples of all nations and yet,  42% of the world’s population is still unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

 Did You Know: 

There are 3.23 billion people around the globe who have no access to the Gospel.

There are 7,414 unreached people groups throughout the world.

There are 5,046 unengaged unreached people groups throughout the world.

There are 85 unreached people groups living in the USA.

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The remaining task is vast and we cannot do this alone. We need people to help us advocate for those who remain without access to the gospel. The EN42 ADVOCATE program was created to help the Body of Christ change the dark and urgent reality for unreached people groups. 

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 Be part of a team that actively speaks out for those 

 who remain unreached with the hope of Jesus Christ.

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